Packard Bell Windows XP Media Center Recovery

Packard Bell Windows XP Media Center Recovery


Restoring the original factory image erases ALL existing data

Hard Drive Recovery
  • Power on your computer.

  • When the Packard Bell logo appears, press and hold the [F11] key to start the Recovery Program:

  • The computer will load the recovery program.

  • Select Recovery Program click Next to continue.

  • From the next screen that appears select "Complete Recovery".

  • You will be warned of data loss when proceeding with a complete recovery and your computer will be returned to its out of the box setup.

  • With the Complete Recovery you have the option of keeping or deleting your user data.

  • Select one of the users listed and click on Next to continue. (User data will still exist after recovery, but you will have to manually find it.)

  • A Recovery Program summary screen is displayed showing details of the options selected. Click on Next once more to continue.

  • The recovery will now begin and will take up to 15 minutes.The computer will restart several times follow the on screen instructions.

  • When completed a summary screen will be displayed to show you where your files have been kept.

Recovery Disk Recovery

  • Note: All Data will be lost make sure you back up

  • Insert the red Packard Bell boot floppy disk into the floppy disk

  • Restart/switch on the computer.

  • If you have created the backup CD’s then insert Disk 1 NOW

  • The computer will load from the disk and display the following message:


  1. Standard System Restore: this will return the computer to its "out of the box" state.

  2. Advanced Options: this will allow you to restore Microsoft® Windows® XP without the additional software (this can be installed later if required).

  3. Tools: this option allows access MS DOS utilities such as FDISK and Format.

  4. Cancel and return to DOS: exits the program and returns to an MS DOS prompt.


  • Select “1” on the keyboard to continue

  • The recovery will take 30 mins to 1:30 hrs.

  • Change CD’s as prompted

  • Once complete don’t forget to remove the floppy disk before you reboot.




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