Packard Bell Windows XP Media Center Recovery

Packard Bell Windows XP Home Recovery


Restoring the original factory image erases ALL existing data

Hard Drive Recovery

IDesign, Imedia, IXtreme range of computers

Note: All Data will be lost make sure you back up

• Insert the red Packard Bell boot floppy disk into the floppy disk
• Restart/switch on the computer.
• If you have created the backup CD’s then insert Disk 1 NOW
• The computer will load from the disk and display the following message:

1. Standard System Restore: this will return the computer to its "out of the box" state.
2. Advanced Options: this will allow you to restore Microsoft® Windows® XP without the additional software (this can be installed later if required).
3. Tools: this option allows access MS DOS utilities such as FDISK and Format.
4. Cancel and return to DOS: exits the program and returns to an MS DOS prompt.

• Select “1” on the keyboard to continue
• The recovery will take 30 mins to 1:30 hrs.
• Change CD’s as prompted
• Once complete don’t forget to remove the floppy disk before you reboot.




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