Packard Bell Windows XP Media Center Recovery

Packard Bell Windows Vista Recovery


Restoring the original factory image erases ALL existing data

Hard Drive Recovery

The recovery program can also be run from a self made master CD/DVD that you have made with the 'Create my Recovery DVD' facility in Smart Restore . We recommend that before attempting the recovery you backup any important data to CD, DVD, USB pen drive or another reliable source so you don't lose any important data.

When running the Packard Bell recovery from the Master CD/DVD the only option is to run the complete recovery and completely wipe the hard drive of all data.


  1. Place disk 1 or your DVD into the drive and restart the computer. When prompted press a key to boot from the CD/DVD and start the recovery program.

  2. You must accept the warning that all your data will be lost.

  3. The first available options allow you either load the Vista™ recovery tools or the Packard Bell recovery program. Choose the Packard Bell recovery program if you have tried the Vista recovery tools and failed to resolve the issue.

  4. Don't forget the Complete Recovery removes ALL data

  5. You now have the ability to choose either the partial or the complete recovery. Click the appropriate option you wish to choose.

  6. At this point choosing the Complete Recovery will launch into formatting the hard drive with no further warning about data loss.

  7. The partial recovery will now prompt you to select the user account you wish to try and retain. Select your user account and click next.

  8. After the recovery has completed copying files click on finish and the computer will then switch off.

  9. When you turn the computer back on it will finish installing Vista™, detect and install your hardware, take you through the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) and then restart.

  10. After this final restart your computer will have been restored back to it's default state.





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