Medion system recoveries, system restores, system remasters, or what is commonly known as system reinstalls of OEM computers that have Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP , Windows Vista and Windows 7 pre-installed on them at the factory.

MEDION PC Windows Vista Restore/Reinstall Process


Restoring the original factory image erases ALL existing data


The Medion Windows reinstall has two options for you to use, first the hard drive System Restore from Symantec (This is a full destructive reinstall that restores you system to factory settings) and lastly a DVD restore of Vista (Which a full reinstall of Windows from DVD)

System Restore powered by Symantec  -  System Restore from CD

Important - Why Medion have used the words "System Restore" is quite bizarre as its easily confused with the "Vista system restore" which is a settings and system changes recovery that is not destructive, so be careful when performing the following steps and don't run the "Symantec System Restore" when you just want to run the "Vista System Restore" to undo a few changes as you will loose all you data


System Restore powered by Symantec

(Not to be confused with Windows Vista Restore)

If your system is not functioning properly and Windows Vista® System Restore did not solve the problem, then you should use the Application Support Disc to restore your system.

Limits of the Recovery

Changes made to the original configuration and installed Software will be ignored by this Recovery and will not be reloaded. Driver Updates or hardware installed by you will be ignored by this Recovery.


All data on drive C will be erased. If necessary, backup all required data on

drive D.

This recovery will reset your system to its condition at delivery. Printer installations or other additional software must be reinstalled.


A backup will no longer be possible if you have deleted the D:\Recover directory

or the files located in it. You can copy the FACTORY.GHO file and

all additional FACTXXX.GHS files to external data media, such as CDs or

DVDs, etc, for security.

What we Recommend:
  1. Read the Guides Below
  2. Before and after installs/reinstalls  run the SpeedUpMyPC software

 System Restore From CD

(Not to be confused with Windows Vista Restore)

  • Insert the Support-CD and reboot the PC.

  • Select the option Boot from CD-ROM.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

  • The PC restarts to its original factory settings.



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