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Installing Windows XP (COMPAQ )

XP Recovery Version 1 - XP Recovery Version 2


Recovery Version 2

  • Startup your Computer and Press the F10 key during boot at the beginning

  • or from the Start menu select:

    • Start > All Programs > Compaq > Compaq PC Tools > Compaq System Recovery or

    • Start > All Programs > Compaq > Compaq Presario PC Tools > Compaq System Recovery or

    • Start > All Programs > PC Help & Tools > Compaq System Recovery.

Windows® XP will restart (a reminder to use System Restore might appear - click Yes to continue the restart).

The PC will load the Compaq System Recovery.  In the recovery program there are 2 methods which can be used to recover the PC:

  • Non-Destructive System Recovery.  This should restore the system without affecting the user's data. Please note that the stored user data may not be immediately visible and may be stored in a separate folder on the hard disk within the Documents & Settings folder after recovery. This occurs normally when User Accounts have been used and modified.

    • Press Next.  The user is prompted to try System Restore first.  Press Yes. Recovery will now begin.

  • Destructive System Recovery. This method will format the hard drive and remove any personal data and applications.   This will use a Quick Format only. 

    • Click Advanced Options from the first recovery screen shown. Press Next to begin.

On starting either recovery method there will be a reminder to use System Restore if possible, click Yes to continue. The Destructive System Recovery will have a final warning about data loss, click Yes.


Recovery Version 1


  • Set your Bios so that the first boot device is the DVD

  • Place your restore disc one in your DVD drive.

  • Restart or start up your computer.

  • Select Option 4 – Factory Restore

  • Warning screen will appear, read this and press enter to continue.

  • System will now restore. When finished you will be prompted to reboot, remove the restore CD and press enter.