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Compaq Windows 10 Hard Drive Recovery

From Login

If you can get to login screen you can do the following to refresh or reset Windows 10. If not see guide below.

  1. Press and hold the shift key

  2. Now click the power button (bottom right) and click restart

  3. you will now be at the WinRE menu

  4. Click troubleshoot

  5. Select reset (keep data) or reset (loose data)

  6. This can take some time so be patient

  7. Hopefully you can now access Windows.

From Windows

From boot

If you are unable to get into Windows to start the recovery then you can start the process when you first switch on the PC.

  • During POST press the [Escape] key then from the menu choose [F11] system recovery.

  • Press [F11] during POST 

  • Select System Recovery

  • Follow on screen prompts